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AfterOffice's secondary mail servers receive your emails in the event that a message has difficulty being delivered to your own server due to temporary network outages or server maintenance.

By simply adding more MX records to your DNS zone, you can ensure that email sent to your organization is never lost or delayed.  In the event that your primary mail server is not available for any reason, all mail is automatically sent to one of our backup mail servers instead. Our systems will automatically forward any stored mail to you as soon as we detect your server is back on-line.

Think what this economical service could save you if you didn't miss just that one important order or inquiry!

Does your business host it's own mail server? What would happen to your email if your Internet connection or server were unavailable?  What sort of impression do your customers get when mail gets bounced back to them as 'undeliverable' or 'delayed'?

If you've ever suffered an ISP outage or email server failure, you'll know how important having a secondary email server, off-site, on an independent connection is.

Ease your mind by knowing that your important business email will be received and not bounce back to the senders who may be your customers or business associates, at times when your Internet connection is not available or your mail server is down.


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